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Lindy Turner began rescuing all types of animals from a very young age. Whatever stray or hurt animal she found, Lindy would always bring it home to love and care for it.


​In Lindy's lifetime, she has always been an advocate and rescuer for the underdog. Since 2006, she began saving one dog at a time from the shelters. After rescuing and rehabilitating the dog, she would find it a wonderful loving home.


In the last 10 years, her mission became much more intense - concentrating on seniors, especially the medical need dogs. Her ability to rehabilitate these dogs became well know by shelters all over the state with many of them calling her for assistance in helping the ones that no one would adopt because of their old age or health conditions.


​Lindy decided she needed to do more and in 2017 and started her own 501(c)3 non profit rescue, Casa de Love Animal Rescue, in hopes of saving many more dogs in need that are slated to be euthanized in our shelters.

This is her legacy of love.

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